At Treehouse Kids Dentist we are committed to quality comprehensive dental care for your child including X-Rays and so much more.

Locate cavities or other abnormalities quickly

We take X-rays only when necessary to help locate cavities or other abnormalities.  We use age appropriate sensors and take panoramic pictures to assess orthodontic needs and pathology. During this time we will look for any abnormalities that may generate problems as your child grows. That includes examining primary or baby teeth and any adult teeth. Our pediatric dentist and trained staff will explain all of the findings and let you know if your child needs follow-up treatment.

Start Your Child's Journey Towards Better Health

Treehouse Kids Dentist’s provides the highest quality pediatric dentistry including teeth cleaning in an incredibly warm, friendly, and fun environment located in Springfield, Oregon. We are committed to giving you and your child the very best dental care in a welcoming and playful manner.