Re-opening in a COVID world

Re-opening in a COVID World

As medical professionals, dentists are in the top 1% most “at risk” careers for exposure to communicable diseases. Since the HIV/AIDS era of the 1980’s, dentists have really revolutionized the way we practice. These included incorporating PPE (protective equipment) such as masks, gloves and eye protection with every patient. Now with COVID-19, even more protective measures have been put in place.

As pediatric dentists, we encourage you to prepare your child for the “new look” of the dental team prior to appointment. Depending on the nature of the appointment your child may see the dentist in a full length gown, N-95 mask, eye protection and a face shield. Dentists can be daunting enough, and we as a pediatric dental community believe that preparing your child for this new look will aid in the success of appointments.

Thank you for your understanding as we take temperatures of the entire family, ask a series of questions regarding your health and ask you to wear inside our clinics. Our whole goal is to continue to offer your child the very best care in the safest environment possible.

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